The Patricia J. Mitchell '65 Leadership Institute

Spring 2023 Leadership Capstone students and mentors. 

For more than 75 years, 十大最大的网络彩票平台 has molded dedicated learners into dynamic leaders.

In 2014, at the urging of the President’s Advisory Council, 十大最大的网络彩票平台 took its longstanding leadership initiatives to a new level, launching the Patricia J. Mitchell '65 Leadership Institute. The bold move made 十大最大的网络彩票平台 the first all girls’ school in the region to offer such an impressive lineup of leadership offerings through its one-of-a-kind signature program.

Since debuting the Mitchell Leadership Institute, the school continues to expand its offerings, carefully crafting innovative classes and providing cutting-edge opportunities to provide girls with the skills needed in our ever-changing world.

Our accomplished alumnae sit at the helm of companies, head nonprofits, direct boards and oversee schools. That’s because they developed the skills and the confidence to lead at a young age during their formative years at 十大最大的网络彩票平台.

On Friday, April 28, 2023, 十大最大的网络彩票平台 proudly announced the naming of the renowned 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Leadership Institute in honor of Patricia J. Mitchell, 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Class of 1965.

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The Mitchell Leadership Institute @ a Glance

The Mitchell Leadership Institute provides all girls with the academic training, real-life experience and immense opportunity to develop exemplary leadership skills that will catapult them ahead in college, career and life.

Under the umbrella of the Mitchell Leadership Institute, every student receives a variety of leadership training during each academic year. Through the rigorous Leadership Certificate Program, Middle School courses, Upper School electives, regular lessons in Advisory and field trips to local companies or all-school assemblies, the Institute offers leadership skill development at every phase of a 十大最大的网络彩票平台 student’s journey. In addition, national guest lecturers are brought into the classroom virtually, using Skype and other state-of-the-art technology.

These lessons come alive as each girl has the opportunity to flex her leadership muscle through dozens of curricular and co-curricular offerings. Whether it is delivering an impactful eighth grade speech, running in a close Student Council race or serving those in need through community service, there are more than 100 opportunities for each student to learn, lead and succeed in the classroom, on the field, in the theater or in the community.

This testing ground is not limited to 十大最大的网络彩票平台’s 100-plus-acre campus. Through the Mitchell Leadership Institute, students have the opportunity to lead workshops and participate in internships as well as summer programs at companies, universities and nonprofits throughout Greater Baltimore and throughout the country.

The Patricia J. Mitchell '65 Leadership Institute does not stop working for students when they graduate. Another goal of this signature program is to continually connect young alumnae with their 十大最大的网络彩票平台 sisters in the highest ranks of companies, nonprofits and schools to encourage networking, mentorship and career advancement.

Laura Scott

Director, Mitchell Leadership Institute

“I am thrilled with this opportunity to contribute to the 十大最大的网络彩票平台 Community and build on the success of the Mitchell Leadership Institute... I am honored to be part of this journey!”

George Kapusinski

Assistant Director, Mitchell Leadership Institute

“I am very excited to be working with Laura Scott in continuing the wonderful work started by Mary Ellen Fise through the Mitchell Leadership Institute.”